The Family Autism Network is a model program, utilizing trained volunteers, to meet the needs of the underserved families affected by autism in Orange County, California. FAN increases access to existing resources


  • Increased Access to OC Resources

    Please notify the families you serve about this website. They will find educational and support opportunities on the new OC Autism Event Calendar and links to local and national resources. They can also receive help in locating local programs or services and find new volunteer opportunities for them to assist other families. Please add the link to your organization’s website.

  • Post Teen Volunteer Opportunities on the Calendar

    The Family Autism Network is encouraging teenagers to participate in volunteer opportunities that enable them to interact with people who have developmental disabilities. If your organization has events that can use their assistance, please include the category "Teen Volunteer Opportunity" in your calendar request. If you are unable to provide students with Community Service Certificates for their volunteer time, contact FAN for assistance.

    Do you have adult volunteers? Please encourage them to bring their children to help, as well. Including them will perpetuate support for people with special needs and benefit your organization now and in the future. Please submit additional suggestions about how we can increase community integration. FAN will post them here.

  • GAN Welcomes OC Grandparents

    The Grandparent Autism Network welcomes grandparents residing in Orange County, CA to become members. GAN is an all-volunteer based nonprofit organization and membership and programs are cost-free. GAN informs grandparents about autism and the medical, educational, legal and social issues that affect their families. Networking together, grandparents are a vital resource for autism ... and each other. For additional information and to apply for membership online, visit